Data Security & Privacy

A foundational commitment of the PSS is to protect individuals’ privacy and confidentiality. The PSS has put multiple safeguards into place to protect the privacy and confidentiality of all data in the Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) and complies with all applicable federal and state laws, rules, regulations, and other legally binding documents related to confidentiality of personal data.



How is student information privacy protected?

Parents and guardians have certain protections and rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regarding their children’s educational records. PSS is also responsible for safeguarding personally identifiable information of students and staff from being shared with non-PSS individuals or organizations without legitimate educational need. While it is possible to enter into an agreement with PSS to gain access to certain data, review, and approval are needed by the appropriate PSS administrators.

How is Personal Information Protected?

Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is only used for identity matching and linking purposes. After matching records across agencies, PII is replaced with an identification number (ID) unique to the PSS to de-identify that record.

Data is housed in a secured cloud base environment, which is maintained through rigorous controls over the CNMI SLDS vendor and virtual access to the warehouse through the internet. Direct access to the SLDS is restricted to the SLDS team and data warehouse developers responsible for the management of the system and processing of data requests.

How does PSS ensure data quality?

Data quality is crucial for all decision-makers within PSS schools and offices and those who use the data outside the Department. PSS employees monitor and analyze the data throughout its life cycle (from data entry to data use) to ensure that it is accurate, timely, and complete.


Who should I contact if I have questions about PSS data practices?

If you have additional questions about PSS data or how the data is used and shared, you can contact the SLDS Project Director.