The CNMI State Longitudinal Data System's team is based at the CNMI Public School System's Department of Accountability, Research & Evaluation.  Our staff come from a variety of different backgrounds, including former district administrators, data experts, and education researchers.

Annette Pladevega-Sablan

SLDS Project Director

Maintains the SLDS project plan with the team and manages the team's performance of project tasks.

Jeaniffer Cubangbang

SLDS Technical Manager

Manages the vendor relationships and oversees the vendor execution of the SLDS infrastructure.

Ferdinand Ngirmekur

Data Privacy Specialist

Creates and enforces organizational privacy policies that govern PSS’ data collection, sharing, and use.

Shawna Indalecio

Project Specialist

Organizes, plans, and monitors all aspects of a project from beginning to end under the direction of the SLDS Project Director.

Vavant Position

Data Governance Manager  VACANT

Collaborates across the CNMI to design and implement district and agency-wide data governance.