Data Governance

Data Governance

Data Governance is the practice of managing the availability, usability, integrity, and security of the data used by each partner organization while also supporting the overall goals of the partnership.


The purpose of a data governance program is to ensure that data is managed effectively, efficiently, and securely. This includes establishing policies, procedures, and standards to ensure that data is accurate, consistent, and available for use when needed.

The scope of the interagency data governance can vary depending on the type of data the agencies use and the needs of the each organization. Generally, data governance will cover all aspects of data management, including data architecture, data quality, data privacy, data security, and data lifecycle management.

The value of the an interagency data governance lies in the ability to make informed decisions based on accurate, reliable, and timely data. Implementing data governance well improve decision-making, reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve data quality, enhance data security, and improve compliance with regulations.

Users of data governance can include anyone who uses or interacts with data in the their organization. This can include executives, managers, analysts, data stewards, and IT professionals.

Priorities for agency data governance may vary depending on the organization's goals, but some common priorities include establishing data ownership and accountability, developing policies and procedures for data management, defining data quality standards, ensuring data security and privacy, and implementing monitoring and auditing processes to ensure compliance. Additionally, it's important for data governance to align with the organization's overall business strategy and goals.


Data Governance P-12
P-12 data governance two-tier structure
Data Governance P-20W
P-20W data governance two-tier structure



Committee Members of P-12 Data Governance (alphabetically)

Babauta, Michael Finance
Bautista, Louie Dean Student Information
Cabrera, Probio EdFacts Reports & Staff Demographics
Calvo, Ruth Student Information
Camacho, Albert IT Support
Cubangbang, Jeaniffer SLDS Technical Manager
Fujihira, Nora Special Education
Indalecio, Shawna DGC Support Staff
Kyonka, Josiah Mental Health
Liwag, Rizalina DGC Executive Leadership
Loste, Augustus Math
Nathrani, Riya Advance Placement
Ngirmekur, Ferdinand IT Support
Orsini, Celine School Report Cards
Orsini, Vinni English Language Arts
Vacant Position SLDS Data Governance Manager
Pladevega-Sablan, Annette SLDS Project Director
Rey, Femie Research & Evaluation
Sablan, Jolene Head Start and Early Head Start
Salas, Dhalian DGC Support Staff
Tenorio, Jesse DGC Executive Leadership
Tigilau, Fasefulu State Assessments

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