Research request and access:

To access the eMPowerED PSS Research Portal, please contact the following: 
Dr. Rizalina Liwag, Senior Director of Accountability, Research and Evaluation (ARE) 
Femie Rey, ARE Research and Evaluation Program Manager

eMPowerED PSS Portal Home Page


Training & Support Resources:

Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Blank 
Restricted Use Data Agreement (RUDA) Sample
eMPowerED PSS Data Dictionary (Metadata)
eMPowerED PSS Portal User Guide

Training Videos:

eMPowerED PSS Training - Portal Introduction: An introduction to the myResearch Researcher Portal website.

eMPowerED PSS Steps 1-4: Provides an overview of creating your account, adding additional team members to your research purpose, providing information on your research purpose and submitting your project for approval.

eMPowerED PSS Steps 5-6: Provides an overview of providing information necessary for your Restricted Use Data Agreement (RUDA), selecting data elements from the Data Dictionary and Selection Tool (DDST), and submitting your RUDA for approval.

eMPowerED PSS Steps 8-9: Provides an overview of Data Package submission process.

eMPowerED PSS Steps 10-12: Provides an overview of downloading your data results, submitting research purpose documents for review and/or approval, and requesting to conclude your research purpose.

Understanding the Data: An advanced look at the data results file structure.